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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". (Helen Keller)

Welcome to Hampshire Sleep and Behavioral Consulting. We provide individualized coaching aimed at meeting your family's needs. 



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Meet Dr. Hampshire

As a trained special educator and early childhood interventionist, I bring my expertise in child development and Applied Behavior Analysis to my work with each family. After receiving my PhD in Special Education from Indiana University in 2011, my family and I moved to Boise, Idaho where I work as a professor at Boise State University in the Department of Early and Special Education.


My career has primarily focused on working with young children with severe behavior, in particular those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their families. In the last few years, my work has expanded to also include working with children, with and without disabilities, who have challenges related to sleep. I am certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. 


I am a mom, wife and friend. I have three young children including a set of twins. My family is my love and daily inspiration. I look forward to working with you to meet the goals you have for your family!


Common Sleep Problems I Address..

*Short naps, no naps, erratic naps

*Early morning wakings

*Bedtime battles or refusal to stay in bed

*Transitions: crib to bed;2 to 1 naps; 1 to 0 naps

*Sleep disruptions

*Parent transitions back to work; transitions to daycare

*Arrival of a new sibling


*Planning for multiples

Kids in Daycare

Common Behavioral Problems I Address....



*Physical Aggression

*Verbal Aggression


*Refusal/off-task behavior

Coaching also provided around: 

*Potty training (all ages)

*Prosocial behaviors

*Increasing independence

Contact Me  |  Tel: 503-267-8711

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What are parents saying.......





"We were having a lot of trouble with our daughter's sleep that was affecting our whole family's ability to sleep and quality of life.  Patricia helped us understand that our baby was chronically overtired.  Based on her recommendation, we saw quicker than expected results and improvement with both nighttime sleep and nap patterns, which has benefited everyone.  We also have the tools to continue to support our daughter as her sleep patterns change over time.  Thank you Patricia!

Melissa M.

We started working with Dr. Hampshire when our son's behavior became unmanageable at home. Dr. Hampshire coached us through the behavior plan she developed and helped us to problem solve along the way. When we got frustrated, she helped us to stay focused and remember the goals we had for our family. This experience was life changing and we are forever grateful. 

Thomas and Margo C. 

"Prior to working with Dr. Hampshire, every night was a struggle and everyone went to bed frustrated. Dr. Hampshire took the time to listen to our thoughts/concerns, put together a plan with us and was available to help every step of the way. The time working with Dr. Hampshire made bed time much more enjoyable for everyone. My husband and I have an extra hour each night to get things done around the house that we previously spent trying to get our daughter to bed. Overall, the experience was very positive and we can't thank Dr. Hampshire enough. 

Kim H. 

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